Learn, Play, Grow

  • Take a GYROKINESIS® exercise lesson! 
    With origins in Tai-Chi, Yoga, gymnastics and dance, the GYROKINESIS® method of exercise can help you increase strength and flexibility, release tension, and improve coordination of breath and body movement.  
  • Take a movement lesson with Jaya to discover the value of incorporating Laban Movement Analysis , Bartenieff Fundamentals, and Active-Isolated Flexibility into your activities.
  • Work with Jaya to learn how to incorporate movement observation and description into your activities, coaching, or judging.
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Get Connected for optimal movement!

Whether you are an athlete striving to become more efficient or someone who just wants to feel at home in your body, somatic education can improve performance and awareness.  It's helpful for coaches, too! Contact Jaya for a consultation or to schedule.

What is somatic education? The study and exploration of the body (soma) from an internal perspective. We use our own senses and perception (proprioception) to navigate, balance, and adjust/adapt as we move through space, responding and relating to ourselves, others, and our environment. A somatic approach can be applied to dance education, athletic training, psychotherapy, dance therapy and more. 

Somatics Professional * Writer

Benefits of Somatic Education

  • Understand your body's strengths and vulnerabilities. 
  • Increase awareness of your unique movement preferences.
  • Improve your coordination in sport, exercise, and everyday activities.
  • Learn how to connect for easier access to good posture and alignment.
  • Discover new ways of moving, thinking about movement, describing movement and observing movement.
  • Refine observation and communication skills to enhance quality of instruction (for coaches).
  • Have fun!